CIJ Focused


As one of the first entrants into inkjet equipment manufacturing, Videojet offers a complete line of CIJ and nameplate DOD printers. Focusing on marking and coding, Videojet has a large install base of single, two line and array, printers. Videojet’s application specialized systems are based on three basic nozzle designs. Their Excel line of printers are generally seen as the workhorse of the coding, providing years of service when used with well-designed fluids.


Entering the market at about the same time as Videojet, Domino also offers a large line of CIJ and nameplate DOD printers. Focusing on marking and coding, Domino has an established install base of single, two line and array printers. While Videojet and Domino’s printers work on similar principles, the differences in nozzle design require fluids with different viscosities.

DOD Focused


A major manufacturer of DOD system components and integrated printing systems, HP had been a major force in the development and popularization of cartridge-based DOD systems. HP began its foray into inkjet with consumer desktop printing, and over the succeeding two decades has developed a host of inexpensive and relatively robust cartridge-based technologies. Within the last few years these cartridges have been integrated into a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Used in marking and coding as well, HP’s cartridges have had their largest impact in the graphics and the mailing sectors. Offering four color printing, these cartridges have allowed mailing houses to offer affordable small runs as well as seamless variable data integration. HP has also entered wide-format printing.


Generally limited to consumer applications, Canon has developed its own cartridge-based DOD system that has in recent years made inroads into commercial applications, as well.


Through both its cartridge and its head/reservoir DOD technologies, Epson has been a growing force in DOD equipment components and to a lesser extent, fully-integrated systems for several years.