Customers commonly contact us when facing these ink and printing challenges:

  • Poor and unresponsive service.

When faced with an ink or printing issues, clients should expect fast and effective service.

  • Difficulty finding custom inks for tough uses.

Examples include: printing on clutch plates, pipe welding guidelines, low surface energy plastic wire coatings, and white ink.

  • Adhesion.

As aqueous solutions, many ink formulations compatible with HP’s cartridges have problems adhering to non-porous substrates.

  • Getting ink to dry in the time available.

In these types of cartridges the formulator has to balance drying time with restartability. If the ink dries too fast, it will lead to clogged cartridges and unnecessary maintenance stoppages.

  • Premature cartridge failure.

Poorly designed inks can significantly reduce the lifespan of cartridges and increase your cost per impression. They cause this by not properly balancing the inks ability to vaporize with its ability to remove excess heat from the heaters or foiling the heaters.

  • Build up.

If not designed properly, inks will build up on the nozzle plate. Over time this will cause marring as the buildup becomes larger than the gap between the nozzle and the substrate. This requires unnecessary work stoppages and increases your costs per impression.

  • Ink color matching.

Printers also face the persistent challenge of getting inks in the right colors. The challenge remains whether they are spot colors or process colors.