Here’s an example of what it’s like to work with our team to solve your printing problem:

Step 1.  We receive a request for a color matched ink through one of two ways:

•    a PMS color specifying weather the ink is intended for use on coated or uncoated stock
•    a printed sample that we need to match

Step 2.  For option #1, the color is provided. For option #2, we will determine what the color is.

Step 3.  Once we have an idea of what the color will be, we create a simple test formulation. The sample ink is printed onto the appropriate substrate. The resultant print is tested, and based on the results, we will modify the formulation. 

Step 4.  Once we are happy with the color, we send a sample to the customer. 

Step 5.  The customer then tests the ink. If they’re satisfied, the ink is produced. If they’re not satisfied, we’ll often visit the customer’s plant and tweak the ink on-site until the customer is satisfied.

If you’re a customer of ours, we take good care to ensure that your ink and printing environments are running smoothly and that in the long-run, you save your money.  We feel a responsibility to make sure that our ink works.  And if it doesn’t, we’ll fix it. We put our name on our ink.