At Brand M, we seek to find the right solutions for your unique ink jet printing problems.

Our technical and practical experience helps us meet your problem needs at any point in the printing process, including:

•    during a job
•    between jobs (reoccurring, long-term issue)
•    at the end of a job

We work with clients on-site and over the phone to assess their situation and seek a tailored solution process that works and lasts. Why? Because we understand the financial and professional burdens of a temporarily non-functioning or malfunctioning ink and printing problem. That’s why we seek to find the problem, solve it and get you back to business as usual.

Whether you’re a large, mid-size or small company, we can apply our Solutions Process to prevent a loss of down time.
Customers typically come to us with these top three problems:

  1. Adhesion
  2. Buildup
  3. Drying