Brand M is a team of skilled ink specialists and printing experts who find solutions for your unique problems. 

At Brand M, our passion is ink. We love to design, make, improve, understand, sell, and if need be, fix it for your unique printing needs. This means we demand quality. Why, because we have devoted our lives and reputations to inkjet ink. When we first began our business in early 1981, we were pioneers in inkjet ink; we were the first independent inkjet ink developer and manufacturer. Today that same staff has maintained its integrity and spirit of excellence for creating custom formulated ink that solves your printing problems and exceed your printing needs. We still do it because we love it.

How We Help:
At Brand M, while ink is both our profession and hobby, we aren’t ink historians or ink collectors; we are problem-solvers. Instead of quizzing you through our product catalog to find the “correct” standard ink, we use your answers to guide our development of your ink solution. Our process is not a standard sales script. Rather, it’s open communication with each client to find the right solution for their unique situation.

When you call us, know that the first voice you hear is that of a technical expert in inkjet. This means that we understand the nuances within issues and are ready to help by jumping right into the problem-solving process.


Our Promise:
At Brand M, the end goal is clearly ink. That’s the underlying process. We try to be a design house as well as an educational resource by getting to know our customers, considering them our partners in development. Thoughtfulness in process and impeccable delivery are high on our list of standards.

- Our inks will be compatible with the customer’s equipment.
- Free development of ink formulation for most ink problems.
- We provide collaborative ink testing and pilot production.
- You can speak directly with our ink specialists.
- We stand by our product and want to help you to make the most of your investment.
- We are committed to our product’s one year shelf life. If within a year of having our ink on your shelf, it fails to meet our standard of excellence, we will replace it at no charge. If within a year of using our ink, it fails to meet our standard of excellence, we will help make it workable, if we can.
- Whether you’re a new client or a loyal customer, we’ll remedy your problem swiftly.
- While we do not produce, sell or support these types of inks, we have had experience in using: stamp ink, newspaper ink, cool and hot-set ink, flexi screen ink, inkjet ink, over print cashmere, UV and varnish ink.