Founded by the chemist who formulated the first commercially viable high solid ink jet ink, and whose ink is still the basis for almost all CIJ inks to follow, Brand M helps you move your focus away from your fluids and back to your product. 


Brand M staff has the understanding, the focus, and the commitment to provide superior customer service and solutions for tough to meet demands.

Having worked with major print houses for the last three decades, Brand M has been developing, manufacturing, and delivering inks that have bested all these challenges in the most demanding conditions around. 

With our dedicated customer service, we have also taken the burden of solving on-site problems off of our partners (customers) and allowed them to use their time focusing on their products.  With our focus on a collaborative development process, we are also able to help educate our partners about problems and how we help solve them.  We also ensure that at every step we are developing the solutions that solve their challenges.