As a family-owned and operated business, each member on our team contributes to the success of our clients’ printing, whether it’s in the formulation, testing or ink production stage. Our clients value how our hands-on approach to listening and solving complex printing problems allows them to succeed and move on with their work. They also appreciate the added bonus of working with a registered and certified minority-owned company that is managed by a woman, meeting special regulation requirements for U.S. businesses. 

The business is led by Ruth Brand, President, who is an expert in analytical chemistry and a physical chemist.  She has tremendous global experience and has been a featured industry presenter on issues related to ink jet ink. She views systems as puzzles to be solved and brings clarity and explicitness to printing environment problems.

Pravin Mansukhani, Vice-President, attended Rochester Institute of Technology Print Media program with a concentration in color science. He effectively communicates valuable information about printing and color, and has hands-on color-matching experience. He is the expert on color and producing Brand M’s water-based ink solutions.

Ishwar Mansukhani, Director of Operations, developed the first commercially viable high solid ink jet ink and is one of the nation’s leading developers of premium industrial ink. Ishwar brings 50 years’ worth of experience and knowledge to his customers. He began making ink in India using a method that dates back to 19th century Europe and has been making ink jet ink since the 1970s. Ishwar has the unique background to know how raw materials work, which helps him creatively solve ink problems for today’s demands.

Prem Mansukhani, Director of Engineering / Sales and Marketing Manager, holds a master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and a bachelor's degree in Physical Chemistry. Prem’s background helps to ensure that each customer's requirements are effectively understood and delivered by Brand M's team.